Weekend real estate course to prepare students for part-time, full-time careers

Weekend real estate course to prepare students for part-time, full-time careers


Starting Jan. 28, Rowan University’s Division of Global Learning and Partnerships (Rowan Global) will offer a weekend course to prepare students for a potentially lucrative career in real estate.

The 75-hour, non-credit course, to be held over 15 Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., will prepare students to sit for the required state certification for real estate sales, the gateway to a career in real estate.

Dr. Terrence Hardee, director of Executive Education and External Affairs for Rowan Global, said rapid southern New Jersey development, as well as a robust sales environment for existing homes in the region, has created a prime environment for anyone interested in real estate.

Though the real estate market, like all others, varies with the economy, Dr. Hardee said despite recent inflationary swings and other challenges, it’s still hot. And whether it’s a sellers’ market or a buyers’ market, real estate salespeople can earn.

“Right now, it’s a sellers’ market,” Dr. Hardee noted. “Sales people list a home, sell it, and earn a commission.”

Which isn’t as simple as it sounds, he said. Aspiring salespeople who take the course will study all aspects of the principles of real estate including property interests, contracts, financing, titles and deeds. They’ll learn how appraisals work, about federal and state laws regulating real estate sales in New Jersey, about Real Estate Commission rules, and more.

Dr. Jeffrey Hand, Rowan senior vice president for the Division of Strategic Enrollment Management, said the real estate course is the first in what’s expected to become a weekend professional development college offered through Rowan Global.

“Professional development should never end, and often it’s required,” Dr. Hand said. “As our weekend college develops, we’ll offer more and more ways for working professionals to boost their careers by studying a few hours each Saturday for a couple of months.”

The first course, Real Estate Prep Licensing, will be held at Enterprise Center 225 Rowan Blvd, Room 506, in Glassboro. To register, please visit https://shop.rowan.edu/store/events/items/57476.