Is there anything you do consistently every day? Maybe a morning cup of coffee or reading the newspaper? For Rowan University Music Professor Bryan Ap...
Dr. Kenneth Lacovara never imagined the many paths his work would lead, including to the inspiration for a five-foot long Mattel toy dinosaur.
This Thanksgiving, I encourage us all to be ever more aware of the power of giving thanks and to use that power generously, whether for a grand, public accomplishment or a quiet, gentle kindness.
Rowan Radio this fall landed one of the biggest accolades in college radio from the College Media Association.
Four civic leaders will be honored as the Rowan Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship hosts its first RIPPAC Gala in the spring.
Seniors Nicholas Nastasi and Joshua Perry founded 4U Medical Designs, which provides sterile, medical-grade stickers to dress up syringe barrels, IV bags and other medical devices for children.
Two Rowan University inventors recently received the Research & Development Council of New Jersey’s prestigious Edison Patent Award in Biomaterials for devising a new, minimally invasive treatment for chronic back pain.
Sleep well, stay well. Researchers are looking at an integrated approach of better sleep and diet to reduce hypertension and heart disease. Meet Dr. Diana Martinez, neuroscientist and physiologist.
More needs to be done to educate New Jersey workers, particularly those in low-wage hourly jobs, about the Family Leave Insurance (FLI) Program, according to Rowan University's Elaine Zundl, a lecturer in political science and economics.
Dr. Kirti M. Yenkie, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, is the recipient of the 2022 Environmental Division Early Career Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.