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Legendary for careers with the Eagles and the Phillies as well as for broadcasting careers that followed their playing days, the pair this year will guest lecture in the Edelman CCCA.
Rowan University has launched a newly expanded virtual reality research center—now augmented by machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Rowan leads the first cohort of universities and K12 schools in the nation to license new immersive learning technology developed by Dreamscape Learn at Arizona State University.
A journey of some two billion miles by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft ends Sept. 24 in the Utah desert, bringing with it space rocks that scientists hope may unravel some of the mysteries of the Solar System.
Former New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney will present “A Vision for New Jersey” during a talk on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at Rowan University.
A palpable energy emanated through Coach Richard Wackar Stadium. The source? Members of Rowan University's Pride of the Profs Marching band, revving u...
Effective communication can be challenging in our modern media environment. Meet Celine Hong, media and communication researcher.
Joseph Nappi, a social studies teacher in Tinton Falls and a Rowan University alumnus, has been named the New Jersey State Teacher of the Year.
Six first-year Rowan University students have 100 percent of their college education paid for – and will receive a $17,000 bonus at graduation if they earn their degrees in four years – through a new annual program funded by alumni Ric and Jean Edelman.
Postdocs contribute to a broad spectrum of research in positions that often serve as a bridge between doctoral studies and career.