Staying flexible and ready to respond

Staying flexible and ready to respond


Over the past two weeks, we have seen COVID-19 case counts steadily climb throughout the state and nation. Rowan’s winter break has largely coincided with what is the projected height of the current wave in our region. We are monitoring its progression and impact closely as we plan Rowan’s opening this coming semester. As of now, we intend to start the semester on time and in person, but we will continue to review the data. If we need to adjust, we will.

Until then, here are some protocols and guidance to help everyone prepare for the spring semester:

  • Every student living on campus or in affiliated housing must be tested within the first week of arrival through The Wellness Center. 

  • All unvaccinated students will be required to begin their weekly testing during the first week of classes.

  • If you have COVID-like symptoms, get tested and stay home until your symptoms improve. NJ requires isolation of 10 days from the onset of symptoms if positive for COVID. Students must complete and submit an absence notification form if they are to miss in-person or remote classes. Professors will receive a notice from the Dean of Students’ Office and make accommodations for those who cannot attend class.

  • Medical students will continue to follow their school’s health and safety protocols.

  • Employees and students are expected to adhere to current mask policies. As a reminder, Rowan University requires all students, faculty and staff, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks in all classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories and other crowded, indoor public spaces. Masks must fit properly and cover the nose, mouth, and chin of the person wearing the face covering. While the current policy allows for small groups of vaccinated individuals (i.e., study groups, colleague meetings), to continue to meet unmasked if social distancing is achievable and the group agrees to the arrangement, we recommend such activities are curtailed until after this wave of COVID infections subsides. Unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks, regardless of group size.

  • We strongly recommend that individuals review current guidance on masks and ensure they fit properly. 

  • Employees and students may register for vaccines, including boosters, through The Wellness Center. Registration for appointments are required. The Wellness Center will offer rapid and PCR testing. More information can be found at

  • During this spike in COVID cases, we will temporarily expand the flex work opportunities. Employees must work with their direct supervisor to determine if remote work is possible for their position. Employees will need to provide proof of exposure or school closure. The expanded flex work opportunity is for the emergent COVID period and will begin with a two-week period. We will assess at that time if the emergency flex work policy needs to be extended. 

We’ve been here before, at the start of the spring semester, eager to get back to our studies, friends, colleagues and activities while we continue to fight the pandemic. As we keep doing everything in our power to protect each other and ourselves, we keep making progress that can’t be denied. It looks different from what we’d prefer, of course, but we are still committed as a University community to a safe and healthy Rowan. 

We will stay flexible and ready to respond to changes in infection rates and health protocols. We will look for the best in every instance. We encourage everyone to continue to be clear-eyed about safety, to be optimistic, supportive and kind—all powerful tools to help each other, along with vaccines and testing.


Tony Lowman

Terri Drye
Vice President for Human Resources/CHRO

Kevin S. Koett
Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students