A solemn day to reflect and remember

A solemn day to reflect and remember


As our nation marks September 11 tomorrow, I hope you’ll take some time to reflect and remember the thousands of lives lost so tragically 20 years ago. Two of our alumni, Daphne Pouletsos ’76 and Lance Tumulty ’92, died at Two World Trade Center. It is our honor, as their alma mater family, to remember them. It is our duty to be thoughtful of those left behind—their loved ones, the more than 6,000 injured and millions more forever marked by what happened.

Beginning at 8 p.m. tomorrow, the 9/11 memorial on the University quad near Bozorth and Bunce halls will be an area for the University community to come together in reverence. The memorial will be lined with candles representing each of the 2,977 victims who perished that day. After remarks, attendees will be invited to light more than 400 candles in tribute to first responders killed on Sept. 11.

We expect the lights to shine until midnight as tangible reminders of the victims of 9/11. Though cut short, their lives made a difference in our world. As we carry on, may the memory of them be a blessing to us all.

Ali A. Houshmand