Rowan BA in Human Services ranked 6th best in U.S.

Rowan BA in Human Services ranked 6th best in U.S.


Rowan University’s Bachelor of Arts in Human Services this week was named the sixth best degree of its type in America by the website

The site rates a number of health field degree programs nationwide including nursing, public health, life science and human services.

Rowan’s Human Services degree, which is offered through the College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS), offers three unique concentration areas: direct care/direct services, administration and criminal justice.

Dr. Nawal Ammar, dean of the CHSS, said the degree program appeals to students who are driven by a need to help others.

“The Human Services degree provides students with both academic expertise and practical skills,” Dr. Ammar said. “It is the kind of degree that allows its graduate to have a direct impact in people’s lives while enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that they are making the world a better place as well as earning a good living.”

Sharon McCann, director of the University’s Human Services program, said there are presently 86 students majoring in the field at Rowan and that a defining feature of the degree is an extended three semester Field Experience.

“These semesters offer students an opportunity to learn about which demographics and which fields they are most interested in and it offers employers a great chance to get to know a student,” McCann said.

She said the program, which was created in 2016, graduates students into a wide field of career opportunities, including with family service agencies, school districts and district attorney's offices.