Workshop attendee tests positive for COVID-19

Workshop attendee tests positive for COVID-19


The University was notified today that a guest attendee at a workshop in Wilson Hall on Rowan’s Glassboro campus has received a confirmed positive test for COVID-19. The person, a Pennsylvania resident, was on campus for a short time during the workshop on Saturday, March 7, and exhibited no symptoms of coronavirus infection until March 9. The individual is in self-isolation at home. 

Based on the circumstances, the Gloucester County Health Department believes the risk to the campus community from this case to be low. The individual is believed to have had limited contact with anyone outside of workshop attendees in their brief time on campus. The room and building have been cleaned on their normal schedule several times since March 7.

The University is in the process of notifying those who had direct contact with the individual during the workshop and relaying to them the Gloucester County Health Department and CDC guidelines to self-quarantine for 14 days since their last contact with the individual.

The Gloucester County Health Department is not recommending further precautionary measures at Rowan, but University officials will continue to monitor the situation and will advise appropriate individuals or groups accordingly.

The University’s Emergency Operations Team continues to take steps to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in coordination with state and local health departments and we will continue to provide updated information to the University community.

We wish for a strong and rapid recovery for the person today confirmed to have COVID-19, but we know this is likely to be just the first of many cases near and within the Rowan communities in Glassboro, Camden and Stratford. 

While today’s news may be unsettling, we expect we will learn of other cases as the virus continues to spread. We pledge to be vigilant with safeguards and forthcoming with guidance to help our students, employees and broader community withstand the challenges we face.  


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