Students offered Pass/No Credit option for Spring 2020

Students offered Pass/No Credit option for Spring 2020


We understand that focusing on your classes for the rest of the Spring 2020 term is going to be more challenging than ever. Besides getting used to online learning, you may be dealing with other impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. Your success is our priority and we are making every effort to support your learning and your well-being during this unprecedented time.

To ensure that both have maximum flexibility to decide what is best for you, Rowan University is establishing a Pass/No Credit grading policy for this term. This does not apply to our M.D., D.O. and Ph.D. degree programs.

Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grading will be an option for all undergraduate and graduate students in all courses.  At the end of the term, all faculty will submit final letter grades. Students will have seven calendar days after the date on which letter grades are posted to change the grading option to P/NC. 

In some circumstances, selecting P/NC may have implications you may not be aware of. Please consult with advisors and faculty to understand the impact of this decision and its possible effects on academic standing, satisfactory academic progress, graduate and professional school applications, employment opportunities, certification and licensure, athletic eligibility, and other circumstances where GPA is a consideration.

If P/NC grading is selected:
At the undergraduate level, all grades of D or higher will convert to P. At the graduate level, the minimum grade required to convert to P will be determined by the respective deans of the colleges and schools. 

Courses in which a P grade is assigned will count as fulfillment of pre-requisites and toward degree requirements, but will not count against normal limits on the number of credits that can be earned with a P grade.

Students who believe that withdrawal from one or more courses is the best decision still may choose to do so through the late withdrawal deadline of April 13. However, we hope that the P/NC option will encourage students to remain enrolled in courses in which it is possible to earn the credits. 

We have confidence in our faculty and our students and are committed to delivering the highest quality academic experience that we can in a time of great uncertainty. We offer students the additional opportunity to choose grading options to help provide greater peace of mind as they continue to pursue their goals.

Yours truly, 

Anthony Lowman, Ph.D.