COVID-19 Update: March 10

COVID-19 Update: March 10


Each day in our ongoing response to threat of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) — often within just a few hours or minutes of the last update — we learn something more that requires us to plan and react in the best interests of our students and the University mission. This update covers information for students and employees, as well as University guests and partners. Medical school students and faculty will receive instruction specific to their campuses.

Because this is a rapidly changing situation with complex demands and significant effects on everyone, we deeply appreciate the concern, cooperation and flexibility of each individual and group within the Rowan community. While there are no reported cases of the novel coronavirus at Rowan University, we are focused on minimizing its effects.

Yesterday, we announced the extension of spring break by a week to allow professors to convert their courses to be delivered remotely beginning March 30, if necessary. In addition to ensuring health and safety, we are making every effort to maintain the quality of the educational experience and preserve student progress toward their degrees.

Below is a series of additional policies we are enacting to further protect and prepare the University.

Campus events

We believe it is important to limit the number of visitors to our campuses over the next several weeks. The following rules are in effect from March 16 to April 30:

  • All events that involve external groups using or renting our facilities are cancelled.

  • Internal Rowan events are closed to the public/groups of visitors. For example, a visiting lecturer is allowed to present to a class, but a networking event with multiple off-campus visitors is not permitted. Wherever possible, organizers of internal events should try to accommodate interested parties by livestreaming their program or providing live updates on social media.

  • All events scheduled between March 16 and April 30, even if previously approved, must be reviewed immediately by divisional vice presidents by Friday, March 13.

While these guidelines will cover most instances, we recognize there may be exceptions. Student groups should contact Dean of Students Kevin Koett, or 856-256-4283. Faculty and staff should contact the Office of the Provost, 856-256-4108, or their division head.

We will continue to review scheduled events and will make decisions by April 1 about May and June events.

Spectators attending Athletics events:

All intercollegiate Athletics and sport club contests will proceed as scheduled. Students and employees are welcome to cheer on our teams. Others are encouraged to view the events via livestream at Rowan Athletics. We will advise fans to stay home if they are not feeling well and/or have compromised immune systems.

Please note, parents and spectators should check other institutions for their spectator policies before attending Rowan away games.

Additional administrative guidelines and policies:

  1. The University remains open, and all faculty and staff should continue their regular work schedules. Although classes are not in session during spring break and the week following, operations and activities are continuing unless otherwise noted.

  2. Revised course registration dates are now available.  Academic advisors are available during both weeks of spring break. Students who wish to change an in-person meeting to a phone appointment should contact their advisors to make arrangements. More information about advising can be found at the Academic Advising website.

  3. The student attendance policy has been revised to account for issues related to COVID-19.

  4. Should it become necessary, Rowan has established an emergency telework policy for employees to maintain critical functions and continue operations in the event of a closure.

  5. Rowan now has an emergency contingency plan in place regarding staffing and sick time in order to maintain ongoing business while protecting the needs of students.

  6. Students with concerns not specifically addressed in this update may find answers in the FAQ section of our COVID-19 website. Students may also ask questions of Dean of Students Kevin Koett, or 856-256-4283.

What we face daily — even hourly — now in guarding against COVID-19 is dynamic and challenging. It will have far-reaching, long-term effects. Our primary goal is to protect the Rowan community and provide a safe, healthy environment.

To everyone working to support our efforts and cooperate in extraordinary times, we say thank you. This crisis presents countless unknowns. Even so, Rowan University has boundless potential to show kindness, courage and competence in whatever lies ahead.

Recent FAQs

Below are some questions we received over the past 24 hours, and our answers. They also will be posted at

  1. If I become ill, who should I contact?
    Students who feel ill should call their primary care provider and then notify the Wellness Center at 856-256-4333 for guidance.

  2. If I have questions and would like to speak with someone, who should I call?
    Faculty: Contact the Office of the Provost at 856-256-4108.

    Students: Glassboro campus students should contact the Dean of Students at 856-256-4283. CMSRU, SOM and GSBS students should contact the offices of their respective deans.

    Wellness Center: 856-256-4333


  3. Will I receive a refund for meals and housing due to the extended break?
    No. University housing and food services remain available during spring break.

  4. If I have a compromised immune system or special health concerns, what accommodations are available?
    Faculty have been asked to accommodate students with special health concerns. Students who require accommodations, such as distance-learning opportunities or the ability to make up work from missed in-class meetings, should discuss those needs with their instructors.

  5. Has the University made the decision to close for the semester?
    No. The University extended spring break an extra week to allow faculty time to convert course material to be delivered remotely (i.e., Webex), if necessary. Although we are extending spring break a week, we are not extending the semester.

  6. Has the University made the decision to move to 100% online courses for the rest of the year?
    No. You will be notified if the situation changes.

  7. If I can’t leave Rowan over spring break, can I remain on campus?
    Yes. The University remains open and operations will continue as usual. Students who plan to remain on campus through spring break should alert the Office of Residential Learning & University Housing.

  8. If I remain on campus during spring break, will I have access to dining?
    Yes, several of the food venues will be open.