Rowan Communication graduates ranked among nation’s top earners

Rowan Communication graduates ranked among nation’s top earners


A nationwide report has found that Rowan University communication graduates are among the top 10 in their fields for mid-career salaries.

PayScale, a Seattle-based compensation tracking company that claims up to 10 million unique visitors to its website each month, has compiled a report since 2008 tracking alumni salaries from colleges and universities across the U.S.

Based on an average response rate of 325 alumni from each institution, PayScale reported that for 2016 Rowan communication alumni ranked 9th among graduates from 133 schools for mid-career salaries, one place lower than graduates from Syracuse University.

Rowan alumni bested graduates from such highly regarded schools as the University of Southern California (#14), Rutgers University (New Brunswick) and Rider University (tied at #29), and Temple University, which tied with the University of Houston at #71.

Lydia Frank, editorial director of PayScale, said self-reported data about salaries is displayed on the company’s website to help both employees and employers gauge industry compensation standards.

 “PayScale has become an online destination that people use to evaluate how they’re being paid,” Frank said. “We work with alumni and with schools directly to collect data not only on salaries but on job satisfaction.”

The company defined mid-career salaries as earnings after working 10 years or more. Rowan communication alumni reported earning an average of $36,900 early in their career  (one to five years) and an average of $93,100 at the mid-career point.

Dr. Lorin Arnold, dean of Rowan’s College of Communication & Creative Arts (CCCA), said the PayScale ranking is gratifying if not altogether surprising.

“There’s a level of pride and commitment among our students and faculty that facilitates career success,” Arnold said. “The programs are rigorous so students are prepared to prosper in their chosen field.”

The college offers a wide range of majors and degree options with departments in Art; Communication Studies; Journalism; Public Relations & Advertising; Radio, Television, & Film; and Writing Arts.

PayScale and Portland, Ore. firm CollegeNET in 2014 released their first ever Social Mobility Index, a nationwide comparison of schools whose alumni leave college with relatively low debt and earn well within five years of graduating. For social mobility, Rowan ranked second out of 539 colleges and universities.