Rowan aims for student activity

Rowan aims for student activity

By BARBARA GREEN, Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- Armed with $300,000 and an itinerary full of activities, Rowan University will compete with frat parties and bars this September to keep students on campus -- and interested in academics.

The first few days alone will bring cookouts and mixers, concerts and day trips.

Comedian Dave Chapelle will perform Sept. 8, and Rowan will raffle off Sony Playstation 2s at different university sporting events.

''It's important to create a sense of connectedness between the students and the institute,'' Assistant Vice President for Residential and Campus Life George Brelsford said. ''Most students, during the first few days of school, decide whether they're going to go ahead and get a degree.

''We know by creating an opportunity for interaction between peers and staff and faculty members, it really creates a sense of being part of the institute, and makes students much more likely to pursue a degree, even it not here, and that's really the major goal -- one of persistence to graduation.''

Of the students who enrolled at Rowan in the fall of 1994, 20 percent graduated in four years, 48.2 percent graduated in five years and 53.9 percent graduated in six years. Of those who enrolled in the fall of 1993, 22.3 percent graduated in four years, 48.2 percent graduated in five years, and 53.9 percent graduated in six years.

While the ''strongest push'' will be in the first few weeks of the semester when Rowan will spend $100,000, the university plans to use the remaining $200,000 to offer daily activities throughout the remainder of the school year, Brelsford said.

This year, Rowan will also sponsor more late-night events -- dry, of course -- hoping that students will choose those over off-campus parties where alcohol is served.

To make sure its offerings appeal to students, the university took suggestions from Rowan's Student Activities Board (SAB) and will also try to co-sponsor events with different student organization -- like fraternities and sororities -- during the school year.

This is the second year in a row the school will spend $300,000 on student activities.

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Date Published: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 11:22
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