Grant to fund Rowan scholarships

Grant to fund Rowan scholarships

Courier-Post staff

GLASSBORO--The National Science Foundation recently awarded a $400,000 grant to Rowan University for scholarships for students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science Department.

The grant, designed to help Rowan enhance South Jersey's high-tech work force, is effective from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2005.

The scholarships are open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in engineering or computer science. The university will award up to 40 scholarships a year.

Steven Chin, associate dean of the College of Engineering and project director for the grant, said Rowan Engineering pursued the funding because the university expects government and private initiatives to stimulate the economic growth of South Jersey in the near future.

Rowan also is responding to the nationwide demand for more engineers and computer scientists in emerging high-tech fields.

"This grant will help Rowan further prepare sufficient numbers of high-tech workers for that imminent growth," Chin said. "Many initiatives, such as the proposed South Jersey Technology Center at Rowan University, ongoing improvements to the infrastructure in the region, and a wonderful environment point to economic growth in South Jersey. We expect much of that growth will be in technology fields, and Rowan wants to do all it can to educate the future workers for those fields."

There is no application process for the scholarship; administrators and faculty will determine the recipients based on the students' level of achievement.

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Date Published: Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 21:25
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