Rowan does not tolerate hate

Rowan does not tolerate hate


There is a video circulating throughout social media that shows several college-age individuals boldly stating the “n-word,” one after the other into the camera. While the individuals are unidentified, there is reason to believe that the students attend New Jersey universities, including Rowan University.  

Each of us is entitled to free speech, but using such offensive language in any manner is contemptible.

The values that define us must help shape our relationships and be reflected in our behavior and conversation. Offensive vocabulary and incivility strain and stain the fabric of our community. Whether or not Rowan students are involved, it is imperative for the University to express unequivocally that this type of language and disrespect have no place among us and will not be tolerated.

This incident also highlights the need for our society to continue discussing social justice topics. We invite you to explore the many opportunities our new Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offers on our own campuses to ensure that this type of behavior never goes unchallenged.

I thank those who made us aware of the video and who continue to be vigilant about these matters. Hate cannot be tolerated here . . . or anywhere.



Ali A. Houshmand