Rising Together: University launches comprehensive campaign

Rising Together: University launches comprehensive campaign


Henry and Betty Rowan’s unprecedented $100 million gift put Rowan University on a meteoric path. Now, the University is looking to achieve even greater heights through the institution’s first-ever comprehensive campaign, which is looking to raise $120 million to support new discoveries, create spaces for learning and living that inspire, and, most importantly, change the lives of Rowan students.

The initiative, appropriately titled, Rising: The Campaign for Rowan University," is only the beginning of the extraordinary story being written at our institution.

“Mr. Rowan believed in the possibilities of our University and I believe we can achieve anything as long as we continue to rise together,” Rowan President Ali Houshmand said. “What’s beautiful about this story is that there is no ending.”

Indeed, with “Rising,” University donors can make a direct impact in critical areas that will propel the institution farther—with long-lasting, results. That’s akin to the spirit of the Rowan gift, says Senior Vice President for University Advancement John Zabinski.

“There’s so much enthusiasm for Rowan and the work we’re doing,” said Zabinski. “The momentum and progress of the University throughout the life of this campaign will carry on long after it’s over thanks to our alumni, friends and partners.”

Rising Possibilities

The future success and impact of the University relies on a Rowan community that is united and engaged in efforts to advance the institution as it continues to rise.

“In the next ten years this University can become a national leading research university,” said Campaign Co-chair Lawrence J. Salva ’77. “But it needs the resources to do it.”

Under President Ali. A Houshmand’s leadership, Rowan has remained bold and unwavering on its course to change the face of public higher education. Affordable, accessible, quality education embodies the University’s mission to change lives regionally, nationally and globally.

Rising: The Campaign for Rowan University, designed to fuel the institution’s continued rise, will focus on three key areas.

  • Changing a student’s life
    Rowan’s rising trajectory has been grounded in its focus on providing opportunities and advantages to enhance the college experience for all students. “When I meet with student leaders from other universities, they’re shocked to hear how deeply President Houshmand and the leadership at Rowan truly values our student voice,” Student Government Association President Rbrey Singleton said. Support for scholarships, internships, campus programs, research, and engagement and service initiatives will provide an education unrivaled by other regional institutions.
  • Supporting new discoveries
    To challenge students to rise the University understands it must invest in rising faculty. This campaign will ensure the University can attract the best minds in all fields to guide, challenge and inspire students to unlock their potential and unleash their passion.
  • Providing learning and living environments that inspire
    As the institution evolves academically, the campus must continue to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Maintaining a thriving environment for quality teaching and experiential learning is crucial through developing spaces that foster creativity, collaboration and research excellence.

Rise with Rowan

Rowan pride radiated throughout campus on April 5 as the University publicly launched the campaign, celebrating how far the institution has come—and how far it plans to go. Faculty, staff and students came together to learn more about the campaign, which has been in a “quiet” phase since 2014. To date, more than $93 million has been raised toward the $120 million goal, a goal President Ali A. Houshmand plans to not only reach; but surpass.

The campaign is chaired by four notable leaders with strong connections to the University—Virginia Rowan Smith, Lawrence J. Salva ’77, Jean Edelman ’81 and Linda Rohrer. All four are members of the University’s Board of Trustees whose generous philanthropic support has made a tremendous impact on the University and its students.

The generosity of Rowan’s donors continues to advance education and research across the institution and this campaign will provide support for all of the initiatives that the University is trying to achieve.

“This campaign is an opportunity for everyone—no matter how much they contribute—to impact the lives of people for years to come,” said Houshmand. “People benefit in so many ways as you give.”

To learn more, visit rowan.edu/rising.