CHSS professors honored with the second annual Excellence in Research Awards

CHSS professors honored with the second annual Excellence in Research Awards


Rowan University’s College of Humanities & Social Sciences honored two faculty members with its second annual Excellence in Research Awards during its College Assembled in November.

Awarded for the first time last year, the CHSS Excellence in Research Awards honors faculty members for their outstanding achievements in research activity. Dean Nawal Ammar presented the awards.

Law & Justice Studies Professor Evan T. Sorg received the 2018 Pre-Tenure Excellence in Research Award and History Professor Q. Edward Wang was presented with the 2018 Senior Faculty Excellence in Research Award in recognition of their influential research accomplishments.

A former New York City police officer, Sorg’s research focus involves police innovations, place-based criminology and the evaluation of policing interventions. His research seeks to understand what policies, programs and tactics work to reduce crime. In addition, Sorg’s research involves a geographic component, which seeks to understand why crime is clustered at very few locations, so policy solutions can be developed to reduce crime in those places.

Last year, Sorg co-authored his first book entitled Foot Patrol: Rethinking the Cornerstone of Policing (Springer, 2017) with Jerry H. Ratcliffe of Temple University. Other recent publications appear in journals such as Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency and Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice.

At Rowan, Sorg teaches courses in Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis and Critical Issues in American Law Enforcement. He is also the creator and administrator of the Law & Justice Studies' Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis. In addition, he serves on the executive board of the American Society of Criminology's Division of Policing.

Wang received the Senior Faculty Excellence in Research Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in research activity.

Educated partly in China and partly in the U.S., Wang has taught at Rowan since 1992. He is recognized internationally for his research in historiography—the study of how history is written.

Wang is a noted scholar in the fields of historiography and cultural and intellectual history. He was a fellow of the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. His research focuses on the intersection of traditional and modern elements in the changes of history and historical study in East Asia from a comparative and cross-cultural perspective.

Over the past decades, Wang has published several works on Chinese and comparative historiography. Among his publications in English are Chopsticks: A Cultural and Culinary History (Cambridge University Press, 2015); A Global History of Modern Historiography (coauthored with Georg Iggers, Pearson/Longman, 2008) and Inventing China through History: The May Fourth Approach to Historiography (SUNY Press, 2001).

He won the Faculty Research Achievement Award at Rowan in 2013 and received the Changjiang Professorship at Peking University in China, which he has held since 2007. He is also editor of Chinese Studies in History (published by M.E. Sharpe), a journal devoted to publishing works by Chinese historians for English readers, and the forthcoming Historiography: Critical Readings in four volumes by Bloomsbury Academic Publishing in 2020.

Wang’s current research focuses on the history of the sweet potato and how its introduction played a part in growing the Asian population, particularly in China.