Rowan Cross Country not prohibited from using facilities

Rowan Cross Country not prohibited from using facilities


There was an article published earlier today that misstated a longstanding university athletic facility use policy.

As is common at many institutions, the policy dictates that teams use our athletic venues one team at a time. The article explained in error that the Cross Country team was no longer allowed to use the track at the Rowan stadium.

The Cross Country team has a mixed practice schedule where it may do road work one day, followed by trail work on another and then track work on yet another day.

During the fall, in football season, the Cross Country team’s designated practice time to use the sports stadium is after the football team uses the facility.

Preferring not to schedule practice later in the day, the Cross Country coach has historically made alternate plans for the team to use Glassboro High School’s track, which is directly across the street from Rowan’s stadium.

There was a recent situation where the Cross Country team found the Glassboro High School facility was unexpectedly locked, so the team went into Rowan’s stadium to practice while the football team was still there.

The situation was addressed at an Athletics Department meeting on a subsequent day, however, by the time the clarification of the one-team-at-a-time policy was reiterated to students, it was interpreted as though the Cross Country team was being prohibited from future use of the facility. That is not the case. Each of Rowan’s athletic teams has designated schedules and ensured dedicated time.

With that said, there are times when athletes and teams may informally overlap in their use of a particular facility, however, the policy is one team at a time at each athletic venue.

Please feel free to contact regarding Rowan’s Athletics facility use policy.