Welcome Weekend 2018

Welcome Weekend 2018

Welcome Weekend 2018

Like a warm ocean breeze, summer break came and went, ushering in academic year 2018-19 and all of its promise of educational and personal growth.

At Rowan University, the new school year starts with yet another milestone in attendance, exceptional student achievement and a continued expansion of our physical campus. (See video at right.)

Enrollment at Rowan is now roughly 19,300 students, almost 7,000 students more than in 2011 and nearly double the enrollment of just a dozen years ago.

Rowan over Labor Day weekend welcomed its largest freshman class ever with more than 2,800 students out of a University record 14,161 applications and, of regularly admitted incoming freshmen, the average SAT score was a combined 1,288.

The freshman class is roughly 200 students larger than last year’s and includes students from 19 states and 54 international attendees (44 freshmen plus 10 transfers) from as far as the Netherlands, Poland, Burkina Faso and Cambodia.

It’s a time of great change at Rowan, from both a physical and educational point of view. Just this summer, Rowan hired 44 tenure-track faculty members and 98 full-time lecturers.

Rowan’s main Glassboro campus also continues to grow as the last group of buildings in the $400 million-plus Rowan Boulevard redevelopment project was completed ahead of the new school year.

Plans are also underway to renovate five buildings and construct a new general purpose academic facility just west of Holly Pointe Commons at Route 322 and Carpenter Street.


Freshmen move in

Excitement abounded over the weekend as the Class of 2022 arrived, filling residence halls from Triad at the western edge of the Glassboro campus to Holly Pointe Commons at the east. (Visit our Flickr page for a gallery of photos!)

At Holly Pointe Saturday morning, a train of volunteers loaded shopping carts for arriving freshmen and their families and escorted them to the students’ new rooms.

“People helped me when I first moved in and I wanted to return the favor,” said sophomore volunteer Ray Stewart of Pennsauken.

Frane Kalebota of Wayne, whose son Justin was moving in, was impressed with all the helping hands.

“It’s gone very smooth,” Kalebota said. “There must’ve been 20 people ready to help us move in.”

Justin, an accounting major, said despite his home in the northern part of the state, Rowan is becoming a family affair.

“My cousin goes here and he highly recommended it,” he said.

Maria Trabucco of Toms River, whose son, Jack, is a civil & environmental engineering major, said she wasn’t worried about her eldest child going away to college but wasn’t ruling out water works on the way home.

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll cry hysterically,” she said. “But I’m really not nervous for him.”

Volunteer Sydney Chandler, a freshman biological sciences major from Burlington Township, said she moved in early specifically to help other new students settle into their rooms.

“I’m learning to become a resident assistant and for me volunteering is just fun,” she said.


A Presidential and spicy welcome

As is tradition, President Houshmand addressed students on University Green, the expansive lawn fronting Bunce Hall where, four years from now, students will return to graduate.

The brief Sunday afternoon program also honored Gavin Farber ’08, this year’s Distinguished Young Alumnus, and was followed by a picnic dinner and, for the first time, a wing-eating contest featuring the president’s own Houshmand’s Hazardous Hot Sauce, a blend of peppers grown by Houshmand to raise money for emergency student scholarships.

“When I was accepted on April 1, 2004, a new chapter in my life began,” said Farber, now an academic advisor at Temple University.

Farber said he took advantage of the vast resources available at Rowan, especially a cadre of academic advisors who would inspire him to pursue a career similar to theirs.

“Facing my challenges allowed me to discover their solutions,” he said. “Attending Rowan allowed me to flourish and fall, (to) resurrect and build a future for myself. When you are back here in four years on this very green you will complete this journey and embark on the next chapter of your lives, too.”