Undergrad tuition increase kept below rate of inflation for fifth year

Undergrad tuition increase kept below rate of inflation for fifth year


Rowan University’s Board of Trustees has approved an undergraduate tuition increase for 2017-18 that keeps within President Ali Houshmand’s pledge to limit annual tuition increases at or below the predicted rate of inflation for the fifth straight year.

At its June meeting, the Board approved a tuition increase of 2.4 percent, and a University budget that sets aside $30 million for student scholarships and waivers, a $2.7 million increase over last year’s levels. During that meeting the Board also approved an increase in traditional graduate and MBA student tuition of 2.36 percent, a tuition increase at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University of 3 percent and an increase of tuition and fees at the School of Osteopathic Medicine of 2.5 percent.

The 2017-18 budget provides for a 2.39 percent undergraduate fee increase and a 2.49 percent fee increase for traditional graduate and MBA students.

Houshmand, who has committed to lowering the cost of attaining a baccalaureate degree, has worked to develop innovative programs to help students save money, including three-year degree options and four-year degrees that may be completed through Rowan’s community college partners.

“There are always pressures to increase tuition but that can never be the first option,” Houshmand said. “We’ve committed to providing a high quality, affordable education and that remains our goal.”

In addition to new tuition and fee increases, the Board approved new rental rates at University housing that will rise three percent on average from 2016-17.

For specific questions about tuition, fees and other costs, please feel free to contact the Bursar’s Office at 856.256.4477. All other questions or comments can be sent to officeofthepresident@rowan.edu, 856-256-4100.