#RowanGIVES Day 2017: Take part in Rowan’s biggest annual day of giving March 1

#RowanGIVES Day 2017: Take part in Rowan’s biggest annual day of giving March 1


On Wednesday, March 1 the entire Rowan community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators, friends and family – will unite online for a daylong marathon to support the University.

The third annual #RowanGIVES Day will raise funds to support University programs, organizations and activities that donors care about most.

And while the goal, of course, is to raise as much funding as possible, a broader aim is involvement – getting as many members of the Rowan community as possible to support the institution they love.

“For many employees, it’s the second time they’ll give this year,” said Amie Marshall, Rowan’s associate director of annual giving. “They already participate in the Rowan Charitable Campaign in the fall but they’ll make a gift on #RowanGIVES Day too.”

While the Charitable Campaign is an opportunity to support Rowan or external organizations throughout the year through payroll deductions, #RowanGIVES Day is a single day opportunity to support Rowan-only initiatives.


Meeting the challenge

As in the past, this year’s fundraiser features “challenges,” donor target goals that, when met, unlock pots of money pledged in advance.

Last year, 1,240 donors contributed a total of $86,895. The 2016 program was organized so that the top eight designations to receive the most donations split the challenge money.

For last year's event, philanthropist Robert Carr gave $15,000, Rowan President Ali Houshmand donated $6,000 and the Rowan University Foundation Board committed $5,000.

The top eight designations splitting that extra $26,000 were CMSRU Street Medicine, The Rowan Fund, RowanSOM Annual Fund, the Early Childhood Demonstration Center, Rowan EMS, the Office of Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion, the James S. Huff-Miller Memorial Scholarship fund, and Rowan Unified Sports.

This year there are 12 “challenges,” organized by groupings like alumni, students, parents and friends. Various funding amounts from a group of select donors will be unlocked when challenge totals, as indicated online, are met.

There will also be a special “mystery challenge” that will be unlocked once 1,000 donors pledge online.

“I can’t say what the mystery is but I’ll give you a hint: It’s sure to make a splash,” Marshall said.

She said donors may choose from about 125 designations to which they may contribute this year and can select multiple recipients.


Bank on it

#RowanGIVES Day events will be held on all three campuses and will be supported by alumni-organized activities at Landmark Americana in Glassboro, P.J. Whelihans in Cherry Hill, Provision No. 14 in Washington, D.C., and a Los Angeles area restaurant. Interested attendees may register at www.alumni.rowan.edu.

In addition, more than 30 Rowan students will work a phone bank from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seeking alumni support across the country.

Donors are encouraged to follow the fun and progress of  #RowanGIVES Day on the Rowan Alumni Association Facebook page.

If money is tight – and for students it often is – donations of time may also be made.

Student Alumni Association member Colleen Scott, a junior public relations major, said as in years past a part of this year’s #RowanGIVES Day program will help raise awareness for service opportunities on and off campus.

“If we’re giving back in any way we help make this place better,” said Scott, an organizer of Rowan’s Organ Donor Day on April 6. “By just being kind, and actively working to improve Rowan, we make it better.”

Representatives of service organizations expected to be present for this year’s program include Habitat for Humanity, the March of Dimes and Student University Programmers.

In addition to the day of giving, March 1 kicks off the spring ProfFunder campaign, a Rowan-based crowd-funding platform to help fund specific student projects and various student groups will be on hand to discuss their project.


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