How To Survive Finals Week

How To Survive Finals Week

What better way to alleviate the stress of finals than to scroll through gifs? Here are some tips to help get you through the next week.

1. Know the finals schedule to plan well in advance.

2. Attend classes and review sessions so you can ask your Prof questions.

3. Organize a study group.

4. Take advantage of around-the-clock hours at Campbell Library.

5. Stay well rested.

6. Unplug from distractions.

7. Snack smart and stay hydrated.

8. Take breaks to manage stress.

(Did you know you can get a free massage in the Student Center during Cram Jam on 12/14?)

9. Be positive. You’ve got this.

10. Know that after you survive finals week, you’ll have a month off of pure relaxation.