Rowan to offer three-year, year-round degrees

Rowan to offer three-year, year-round degrees

Free summer tuition and housing; 25 percent reduction in cost of degree

Rowan University will offer a three-year, year-round degree path for students beginning in fall 2016. The program will be available in multiple majors, with students taking a prescribed sequence of courses during the fall, spring and summer sessions and living on campus the entire three years, including two summers.

“The program is exciting in that it enables our students to have a deeper, richer college experience while saving approximately 25 percent on the overall cost of attaining their bachelor’s degree. It also helps the University better utilize its facilities in the summer and gives Glassboro a much-needed economic boost during that time,” said Dr. Ali A. Houshmand, president of Rowan University. “It’s a creative solution to challenges students and higher education institutions are facing across the country today.”

Students will be required to complete at least 40 credits by the end of their first year—fall, spring and summer—and a total of 84 credits by the end of their second summer. The balance of the approximately 120 credits needed to graduate can be taken over the next fall, winter and spring sessions.

Incentives reduce costs

The University will provide a variety of incentives that will help students be successful. Each summer, students will attend classes and live on campus free of charge. Participating students will also enroll in a special leadership and entrepreneurship internship program that will provide them experiential work and research opportunities with Rowan administrators, faculty and staff.

The benefits for students are broad: completion of their degree in a shorter period of time, reduction in overall cost, guaranteed availability of needed courses, internships and/or academic-related work, and guaranteed Rowan University or affiliated housing throughout their undergraduate career. It also allows them to make excellent use of summers that, because of the economy, have offered too few quality job opportunities for college students.

“While three-year degree programs are open to everyone, they may not be for everyone,” said Dr. James Newell, provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs. “We are not reducing the number of credits required to attain a bachelor’s degree, but rather we are providing highly motivated, academically prepared students a pathway to take that will reduce their time to complete a degree and save them approximately $22,000, based on this year’s tuition, fees and room rates.”  

University & Glassboro to Benefit

At 16,100 students, the University continuously is making adjustments to increase quality, improve access and affordability, and better utilize facilities on its Glassboro campus to accommodate its growing student body. The three-year degree program allows Rowan to better anticipate the courses that will be needed and/or can be offered in the summer and hire the professors needed to offer those courses.

“Our Glassboro campus is woefully underutilized in the summer,” said Houshmand. “Increasing the number of students and faculty on campus during that time will alleviate some of the crowding we feel in the fall and spring and give us a certain degree of predictability that will help us plan better.”

Having a greater number of students, faculty and staff on the main campus during the summer also may have a sizable economic impact on the Borough of Glassboro. In addition to increased commerce and economic activity triggered by year-round students, there will be a larger student workforce for area businesses and enterprises. The University also expects that as more students enroll in the degree program, and take advantage of being able to stay in University or affiliated housing, that there will be less students interested in moving off campus, particularly housing in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Rowan will announce the majors available and information on how students may apply on Dec. 1 at