Rowan’s newest educational partner: Burlington County College

Rowan’s newest educational partner: Burlington County College


For the second time in two years, Rowan University is partnering with a South Jersey community college to improve access to, and affordability for, obtaining four-year undergraduate degrees.

Rowan’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday approved a resolution to partner with Burlington County College (BCC), enabling students to pursue Rowan bachelor’s degrees on the county college’s Mount Laurel campus.

Through the partnership, BCC students will receive automatic, conditional acceptance to Rowan, counseling by advisors, and a 15 percent discount on tuition for Rowan courses taken at BCC.

BCC, whose board also passed a resolution Wednesday authorizing the partnership, will change its name to Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) to reflect its closer ties with the University.

Rowan in 2013 entered into a similar, first-in-New Jersey partnership with Gloucester County College, now Rowan College at Gloucester County, and the relationship has enabled the schools to expand offerings to serve more students.

Since becoming the University’s 7th president in 2013, Ali Houshmand has identified four pillars on which Rowan’s future will be built: increased access, affordability, high-quality education, and the university’s role as an economic engine.

“The Rowan University/Rowan College partnership is unique in that it not only provides students better access to four-year degrees, but it draws institutions together while ensuring their independence,” said Houshmand.

“These partnerships and the opportunities they provide students are critical for the economic wellbeing of the region. A better-prepared workforce strengthens current employers and attracts new ones,” added Houshmand.

Expanding opportunities

Upon meeting specific program criteria, RCBC students may complete designated bachelor’s degrees at either the University or RCBC. Students who transfer to Rowan before completing their associate’s degree may earn that degree retroactively from RCBC.

Like Rowan College at Gloucester County, RCBC will remain independent but the closer ties will enable a greater number of programs than the schools could create on their own.

The University and RCBC will work toward introducing the following programs on the RCBC campus by 2017 or sooner: B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering; B.A. in Computing and Informatics;  B.A. in Liberal Studies; online degree completion programs for RCBC students and alumni in Psychology, Law & Justice, and General Studies; and an M.A. in STEM Education with certifications in Math or Physical Science.

The institutions will also work together to determine the feasibility of offering programs in Mechanical Engineering and Nursing at RCBC.

The partnership will enable numerous additional student benefits including priority transfer to Rowan and annual Rowan scholarships for top-performing RCBC graduates who transfer to the University.

It will also ensure that any freshman applicants from the counties of Burlington, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean in New Jersey or Bucks and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania who are initially denied admission to Rowan will receive conditional acceptance via RCBC.

“Our central mission is to serve and educate students,” Houshmand said. “We are excited about collaborating with the county colleges in an effort that will strengthen the region.”