Move-in Tips For #Rowan18

Move-in Tips For #Rowan18


Transitioning from high school to college can be stressful for incoming freshmen. After all, it’s a major milestone and comes with lots of changes for students and families alike.

With Move-In Day and Welcome Weekend only a few days away, we put together 10 tips to make your first couple weeks at Rowan productive and enjoyable.

1.) Don’t overpack.

fax machine falls off of luggage


2.) Bring personal items that make your dorm feel like home.

sleeping with teddy bear


3.) It’s not uncool to hug your parents before they leave.

weeping old guy


4.) Make new friends.

Will Ferrel becoming best friends


5.) Explore Campus.

Bunce Hall


6.) Stay active at the Rec Center.

girl on her back pretending to horizontally run


7.) Add brown & gold to your wardrobe.

Rowan mascot fist bumping student

8.) Support Rowan Athletics.

cheerleaders and football team


9.) Join clubs & organizations to make the most of your free time.

breakfast club students raising their hands


10.) Most importantly: Study hard and have fun!

guy saying You're Awesome

Welcome home, new Profs!