Dr. Sreekant Murthy edits research standard

Dr. Sreekant Murthy edits research standard


Dr. Sreekant Murthy, chief research compliance officer at Rowan University, is co-editor of “The IACUC Handbook (Third Edition),” a book of practices for institutions that conduct research with animals.

Murthy, whose role at Rowan calls for him to ensure that the University complies with all federal, state and local research laws and regulations, also authored a chapter on Frequency and Conduct of Regular IACUC Meetings.  IACUC stands for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. The text is the national standard in incorporating animals into research at colleges and universities and elsewhere. It addresses regulations,  ethical guidelines and humane practices for the responsible use of animals to the advancement of scientific knowledge, human and animal health.

A resident of Sewell (Washington Twp), N.J., Murthy has more than 40 years of experience in research, research compliance and research development. Prior to joining Rowan, Murthy was a professor of medicine and senior associate vice provost for research at Drexel University, Philadelphia. During his career, Murthy contributed extensively to the field of gastroenterology. He collaborated with pharmaceutical companies to assist in testing and developing gastrointestinal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Murthy received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Mysore University, India; a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Bangalore University, India; and a doctorate in pharmacognosy from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.