Got game? RTF students intern at SportsNet NY

Got game? RTF students intern at SportsNet NY

3 Rowan interns standing in front of SNY logo

Three seniors in Rowan’s celebrated Radio, Television & Film (RTF) program scored this summer with internships at SportsNet NY (SNY), a Manhattan-based TV network covering the New York sporting world.

Like many in the RTF program, Joe Ponisi, Josh Hersch and Jeremy Kashan take advantage of both classroom and extracurricular activities and believe the SNY internship will make them even more competitive for a crucial first job.

All active with Rowan Television Network (RTN), they know that the hypercompetitive world of TV and film production in which they seek careers requires a strong work history even before graduation.

Building experience

“It’s all about building experience and doing a good job,” said Ponisi, 20, of Holmdel.

This year’s RTN president, Ponisi said the SNY internship is his third summer work experience in preparation for a career as a broadcast engineer. He also interned with the New York Red Bulls soccer team and WFAN sports radio in New York.

“I like the maintenance side of things, so engineering is where I see myself fitting in best,” Ponisi said. “It takes a certain skill set to be a director and a whole different skill set to make sure all of the cameras and other gear are working so everyone else can do their job.”

SNY, which is part owned by the organization that owns the New York Mets, has offices and studios in Rockefeller Center, but broadcasts remotely for Mets games at Citi Field in Queens and elsewhere.

Considering broadcast engineering

Hersch, 21, of Flemington, said he may also seek a career in broadcast engineering, especially after his experience at SNY.

“Last year I was technical manager for RTN and wanted to try engineering in the real world,” he said. “I really enjoy the technical side. It’s the backbone of production.”

Hersch, whose internship with SNY is his first, said he jumped at the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes work experience. Early on, he said, SNY was changing offices and it was an education just helping with the move.

“We were heavily involved,” he said. “We set up editing suites and a server room. That’s the kind of experience that will help with troubleshooting down the road.”

Production assistant

Kashan, 21, of Edison, said his internship is focused in two other departments –Remote Operations and the Original Programming and Production Unit (OPPU).

“Remote Operations is dedicated to broadcasting from the stadium while the OPPU produces any kind of special with interviews, archival footage, etc.,” he said.

"At Mets games, I’m basically a production assistant running between the booth and the truck, setting up, cleaning up, doing general intern tasks. They’ve also given me some small projects to work on--like rough edits--so I’m getting experience with that as well. With OPPU, I do various things like going through footage, searching for top plays, and pulling up b-roll, filler for an interview.”

Kashan’s SNY internship is his first, but he also works part time as a technician at Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia.

Back on campus, Kashan is RTN sports producer, where he produces broadcasts for a variety of varsity and club sport games.

“It cannot be overstated how important it is to build experience,” he said. “I love being around sports. It’s competition, it’s entertainment, it’s something that a lot of people pay to go see and enjoy. I feel lucky because I get to be paid to spend my time on the clock watching and working with sports on a close level.”