RowanSOM Sends 143 Students to Hospitals - and it's Good News!

RowanSOM Sends 143 Students to Hospitals - and it's Good News!


Stratford, NJ – Most people wouldn’t be happy to hear they are going to a hospital, but for 69 graduating medical students at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM) that news was among the best they had ever received. Surrounded by classmates, family members and loved ones, the students anxiously counted down the final moments before simultaneously tearing open envelopes that held the most anticipated news of their budding medical careers: the names of the teaching hospitals and medical centers where they have secured their first jobs as physicians. 


Friday, March 21, was the National Resident Match Program’s (NRMP) Match Day, when more than 33,000 medical students across the country learn if – after four years devoted to studying and honing their clinical skills and months of interviews with medical center residency directors – they have successfully “matched” to the residency program of their choice. Depending on the medical specialty chosen, the matched students will devote the next three to seven years to additional training.


The RowanSOM students who matched today join more than 70 other students in the Class of 2014 who previously matched to osteopathic (D.O.) or military residencies. Overall, a remarkable 99 percent of the class successfully matched. More than half will enter residency training in New Jersey based programs with 55 percent of the class choosing to specialize in primary care. Brown University, Columbia University and Duke University are among the prestigious programs where some of the RowanSOM grads will be continuing their medical careers.


After four years of medical school, securing a residency match isn’t a given. This year, 40,300 people competed for the 29,761 residency positions offered through the NRMP, which matches students with residency positions affiliated with allopathic (M.D.) training programs. The American Osteopathic Association’s match program for osteopathic (D.O.) training programs was held in February.