Students going mad for mustaches...for a good cause

Students going mad for mustaches...for a good cause

From the handlebar to the fu manchu, the Rowan University community is going mad for mustaches to benefit the American Stroke Association.

From the handlebar to the fu manchu, the Rowan University community is going mad for mustaches... all for a good cause.

On Thursday, March 1, from 5-7 p.m., Rowan students, faculty and staff­­­­­­--male and female--will sport mustaches and march a mile through campus to promote stroke awareness. The "Mustache March" begins from the patio of the Chamberlain Student Center.  Mustaches can be naturally grown or creatively handmade.

The correlation between mustaches and strokes may seem odd for most, but it's a perfect combination for Rowan's first "Mustache March," sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.

Constantine Alexakos, Assistant Director of Student Activities, says the idea for the march came as a fun way to raise awareness and money for the American Stroke Association. Alexakos' father had a stroke 10 years ago.

"The focus is not really on raising money at this point.  I wanted to grab students' attention with the hope that the march will catch on," said Alexakos.

"We're trying to have a fun event on campus to promote awareness.  Strokes are affecting people at younger and younger ages."

There is no charge to participate in the walk, but participants are encouraged to buy a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that shows Rowan's Prof sporting many different styles of mustaches.

"It's all about being goofy and having fun," said Office of Student Activities Graduate Coordinator Lauren Thompson, who will be sporting a handmade mustache during the march.

Already, 150 "Mustache March" t-shirts have been sold, according to Thompson.

For those who cannot grow a real mustache, the Office of Student Activities is holding mustache-making events.  The homemade mustaches are as unique as the event itself and range in color from brown to pink to tie-dye.

On the day of the march, participants will enjoy "mustache-friendly" foods, and awards will be given to the best handmade and naturally grown mustaches.

"After the march, participants will enjoy hot chocolate with whipped cream and other beverages, like milk, that are perfect for mustaches," Thompson said with a laugh.

For more information about the march or to make a contribution, contact Constantine Alexakos at