Newsweek/Kaplan Calls Rowan University a <+>Hidden Treasure<+>

Newsweek/Kaplan Calls Rowan University a <+>Hidden Treasure<+>

Glassboro-The recently released Newsweek/Kaplan How to Get Into College guide has named Rowan University a hidden treasure, calling it a terrific colle
Glassboro-The recently released Newsweek/Kaplan <+>How to Get Into
College<+> guide has named Rowan University a <+>hidden treasure,<+> calling it
a <+>terrific college.<+>

The magazine names 167 <+>hidden treasures.<+> The publication says that
the best schools aren't necessarily those that are the most renowned
and calls its <+>hidden treasures<+> terrific colleges that offer the best value
for the money. Rowan University is on the list with schools such as Ohio
State University, Middlebury (Vt.) College and Wake Forest (N.C.)

The honor is the result of a nationwide guidance counselor survey
conducted by Kaplan, which asked guidance counselors from public and
private high schools across the country for information about the
colleges with which they are most familiar.

Newsweek/Kaplan's <+>How to Get Into College<+> is an annual publication
that covers a broad range of topics for college-bound high school
students and their parents.

Rowan President Donald Farish said he was pleased but not surprised
by the recognition. <+>Over the last 10 years we have seen tremendous
changes at Rowan, from new programs to new buildings. We have
become a more selective university and are drawing more and more
applicants. Our graduation rates have continually improved, and our
students often have jobs before they graduate. There are many reasons
we are a ?treasure,' and it's wonderful that such a prestigious
publication recognizes that.<+>