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The husband-and-wife founders of a financial planning firm said Monday that they are donating $25 million to Rowan University, their alma mater, to create a museum, visitor center, and other amenities at a former quarry that is a rich source of fossils from the dinosaur era.
New Jersey's dinosaur dig is about to expand. Ric and Jean Edelman, the founders of Edelman Financial Services, pledged $25 million to expand the Rowan University Fossil Park in Mantua Township, the school said Monday.
Rowan Paleontologist and founding dean of the School of Earth and Environment Ken Lacovara addresses the Anthropocene, the time of human influence on the planet.
Rowan Political Science Professor Anne Pluta discusses the first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.
In a nutshell, Harold C. Connolly, Jr. is researching the reason our planet exists.

It wasn't the kind of fight you'd expect to break out in a high school hallway.

The blows delivered were shots of political opinions. Holes punched in policy. A spar over economics and foreign affairs.

It's not what you'd expect from teens too young to vote in next week's presidential primary.

Delsea Regional seniors Nicholas Cairns and Quentin Torres both turn 18 in July, no more than six weeks after the primary election.

The teens, who identify as Republicans, would hit the polls Tuesday if they could.

Dr. Rachel Pruchno can't tell you where you'll be 20 years from now. But she can tell you how to get there. "Try walking," she says.
Heading out on a warm, sunny day? Don't forget to cover up -- with sunscreen. "Everybody -- and I mean everybody -- needs sunscreen," Dr. Jennifer Caudle a family medicine physician at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stanford, N.J., said in a university news release.

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

— Mark Twain

The good news is, I haven't lost mine yet. Although I was beginning to wonder.

Fortunately, Dr. David Libon, a geriatric neuropsychologist at Rowan Medicine, helped put my worries to rest.

I let Libon poke around in my head recently to do some cognitive testing. When he was done, I had a better understanding of how he evaluates people whose brains are being ravaged by dementia. And I had his assurance that I'm not one of them.


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