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Every year colleges send out lists of items students should bring with them to college.

Rowan University added a small list of things students should definitely not bring.

Most of them might see

By Siobhan A. Counihan

Using sponges, paintbrushes and an array of paints, a group of 10 incoming Rowan University freshman brought a splash of color to the Mother's Arms Day

The Rowan University Foundation has been awarded a three-year, $295,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through its New Jersey Health Initiatives program to help women in residential dru

By Stephanie Brown

Dr. Michael Grove disappeared into the dense, tall grass along the Maurice River to retrieve a dark blue Fiddler crab no larger than a golf ball.


By Kathy Boccella

From bigger guns for campus police to mass text-messaging systems to warn of emergencies, schools regionwide scrambled this summer to ramp up security and communications systems -

By Senitra Horbrook

Typically by the time school starts, tuition has been taken care of and living arrangements have been made, but there is one large expense which often ti

By SHAWN HARDIE Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- "It put Glassboro on the map."

That was the description Glassboro State College alumnus John Lee gave of the 1967 Glassboro Summit, a meeting between Pr

Boarding an airplane can be a lesson in frustration.

Passengers jam into the aisles, stopping suddenly to stuff their baggage in the overhead compartment while the line backs up behind them.


In middle school, Rachel Kelly of Lincoln Park spent parts of two consecutive summers working with children in the ghettos of Venezuela.

The summer before her freshman year at Rowan University, she

Krista Holmes doesn't remember having cancer.

She was only 16 months when she was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarosis, cancer of the skeletal tissue.

"I can't tell you how many tears my parents crie


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