Technology park at Rowan receives $1 million grant

Technology park at Rowan receives $1 million grant

GLASSBORO - The Rowan University Foundation awarded $1 million to the university's South Jersey Technology Park last week. Board members said the gift from the foundation, which manages all charitable contributions made to the university, including industrialist Henry Rowan's $100 million, was made to stimulate private business investment in the technology park.

In June, the state's Economic Development Authority chose Rowan over 14 other schools to receive $6 million for the first technology center in South Jersey, designed to nurture fledgling technology firms. Officials plan to build the center - initially just one building, but ultimately as many as four - on 50 acres of old peach orchards the university purchased at Routes 322 and 55.

In September, Rowan hired University City Science Center, a firm closely linked with the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University that helps colleges build research centers, to create a plan for the composition and cost of the technology park. The plan is expected by spring.

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Date Published: Monday, November 19, 2001 - 17:24
Source URL: The Philadelphia Inquirer