Student teacher doesn't let obstacles stand in her way

Student teacher doesn't let obstacles stand in her way

By DANIELE CRUZ, Staff Writer

MONROE TWP. -- Sharon Jackson is no different than any other student teacher.

She is genuinely interested in the students at Williamstown Middle School. She spends her free time working on lesson plans. And she does not allow her blindness to deter her from her goals.

"We're not going to handicap a person with physical limitations," said Principal Charles D. Folker. "She's done a good job as a student teacher -- she just happens to have a visual impairment."

Originally from Dallas, Jackson began suffering from optical atrophy at eight years old.

"When I told them I was moving my family asked, why New Jersey," Jackson said. The 24-year-old simply wanted a change.

Living on Rowan's campus Jackson enjoys reading, listening to music and the occasional ski trip.

"Let me try it," Jackson said. "If there is something I can't do, I'll let you know."

It is that attitude and determination that teachers and administrators hope Jackson will inspire her students with.

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Date Published: Tuesday, March 5, 2002 - 14:45
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