Stockton, Rowan to offer dual degree program

Stockton, Rowan to offer dual degree program

Jonathan Lai

Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2014, 5:49 PM

A five-year dual-degree program announced Thursday by Stockton College and Rowan University will allow students to receive bachelor’s degrees from both institutions, spending three years at Stockton and two at Rowan.

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey would award a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, mathematics, or physics after the student’s fourth year, which would be spent at Rowan. After a fifth year, Rowan University would award a bachelor of science in engineering.

“Stockton’s strengths in the sciences mold well with our engineering programs to the great benefit of students and the region,” Ali A. Houshmand, Rowan’s president, said in a news release. “This joint venture will increase access to prominent programs, enabling some of the best and brightest college students to stay here to earn degrees that open doors for them in high-demand fields. With two degrees, they will be uniquely prepared to work for leading technology-driven companies in New Jersey.”

The dual-degree program is limited to combinations that can be completed in five years; Stockton’s programs are chemistry, math, and physics, while Rowan’s are biomedical, chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical and computer engineering. (Some programs may require summer courses to be completed in five years.)

Incoming freshmen apply to Stockton and select the engineering dual-degree program, without an additional application.


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Date Published: Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 16:15
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