Short film as much perspiration as inspiration

Short film as much perspiration as inspiration

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GLASSBORO -- After maxing out his credit card and fitting in class work between editing sessions, 29-year-old Rowan University senior David Boorboor finally finished a project he'd dreamt of for more than a year.

On Friday, Boorboor and nine other Rowan students premiered a 22-minute, independent film they had worked on since September to about 600 people on Rowan's campus.

''It was fantastic,'' Boorboor said of Friday's showing. ''We had some unbelievable responses. People in the audience were going nuts.

Boorboor, who wrote and directed the $7,500 film, spent four days a week for two months editing 10 hours of footage down to 22 minutes with the producer, Rowan student James Dowd.

''I don't know where I found the energy to do this movie,'' Boorboor said.

After deciding not to make the film through a school-funded school group because they didn't want to change the script they had written last summer, Boorboor and Dowd set out to find friends and equipment that would help them out.

With money from his family, Boorboor rented equipment and assembled a crew of experienced film students to work on the film. In September, they held auditions and chose three student actors for the horror film.

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Date Published: Monday, March 11, 2002 (All day)
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