Rowan students solve snowboarder problem

Rowan students solve snowboarder problem

By DENISE JEWELL, Staff Writer

GLASSBORO -- Last year, Rowan University junior Jeff Gladnick saw a problem for snowboarders on the slopes.

While the popularity of the sport has grown, chairlifts haven't been changed to accommodate snowboarders, who have to sit sideways to fit their equipment in the chair.

So 20-year-old Gladnick and two other engineering students developed a metal piece that clamps onto a traditional chairlift to allow snowboarders to comfortably travel up the mountain.

''It's just a really simple idea that nobody thought of yet,'' said Gladnick, who is from Newark, Del., and skis almost every weekend. Gladnick and Rowan juniors Matt Eberhardt and Pete Boyle now have a patent pending on the device, called the SnoRhino.

''That was one of our main concerns was getting the patent pending ... so no one could snag our design,'' Eberhardt said.

Most chairlifts have a T-shaped bar that extends under the seat that lets people rest their skis while the chair carries them to the top of the mountain. The SnoRhino clamps onto that bar and has two rods where snowboarders can place their boards and feet.

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Date Published: Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 14:59
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