Rowan student receives award

Rowan student receives award

A 24-year-old Rowan University student and Glassboro resident has been awarded a $30,000 fellowship that includes an internship at NASA-Steniss Space Center in Mississippi.

George D. Lecakes Jr. graduated in May from Rowan's Civil Engineering program and the 12-month fellowship will go toward his graduate study in electrical and computer engineering at Rowan.

A virtual reality clinic that Lecakes took part in during 2005 led him to a collaboration with NASA-Stennis Space Center that involved the development of a virtual representation of a Methane Thruster Testbed Program rocket trailer. This would allow an observer to easily determine what was occurring during test-firings of a rocket. Lecakes takes the data and uses virtual reality to show visualizations of the data.

During graduate studies, Lecakes will be refining his NASA MTTP test trailer demonstration and working with some Rowan undergraduates on new projects.

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Date Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 - 14:10