At Rowan, some prepare for holiday away

At Rowan, some prepare for holiday away


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GLASSBORO - As most Rowan University students headed home for Thanksgiving
yesterday, a few on campus said they wouldn't get to see their families this break.

Rowan senior Tom Maciejewski said he'll spend the day with his fianc?e's family in Elk
Township rather than trekking to his hometown of Flemmington. Though he has spent a lot
of time with her family, he said the holiday won't be the same as in other years.

''It's kind of intimidating because it's not my family,'' said Maciejewski, who said many of his
relatives live in Milwaukee, Wis. where he plans to visit during Christmas.

Across campus, the halls of a freshman dorm were unusually quiet because most of the
students had already left, but Resident Advisor Kyle Stockdale, 20, said he was staying on
campus to help students who couldn't go home. At least one RA will be on duty in each
dorm during the holiday.

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Date Published: Thursday, November 22, 2001 (All day)