N.J. college advocate to leave

N.J. college advocate to leave


One of the state's foremost higher education advocates resigned Wednesday, announcing that he will take a new post as a visiting professor in Rowan University's College of Education.

For the last 15 years, Darryl Greer, 60, has served as president of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges, an organization created by former Gov. Tom Kean in 1985 to represent the state's nine state colleges in Trenton. His resignation is effective Dec. 31.

Greer will teach master's- and doctoral-level courses in Rowan's department of educational leadership. Faculty members have included Assembly Speaker Jack Collins and former state Education Commissioner David Hespe. Greer will also serve as the acting director of Rowan's Center for the Study of Educational Leadership, a newly created think tank analyzing trends in state and national education policy.

Rowan president Donald Farish said Greer would provide students in the university's lone doctoral program with real-world experience in crafting education policy.

"Darryl is the kind of individual who could go anywhere in the country," Farish said. "The fact that we've been able to lure him here is a real plus."

During his tenure at the Association of State Colleges, Greer worked with former Gov. Christie Whitman in 1994 to create the Higher Education Restructuring Act, which granted each college the autonomy to govern itself. Greer said he considered the legislation his greatest moment in New Jersey politics.

"New Jersey has moved from having one of the most-regulated collegiate systems to having one of the most autonomous," Greer said. "I'm proud to have helped empower the state colleges and watched them flourish by being independent."

Darryl Greer will teach at Rowan University next year.

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Date Published: Friday, July 13, 2001 - 01:00
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