Mega relations

Mega relations

Two Middlesex County residents — Rosie Braude of Dayton and Amy Ovsiew of Piscataway — are leading a group of Rowan University students who are planning the Mega 2007 National Conference of the Public Relations Student Society of America Oct. 19-23 in Philadelphia.

Rowan University is co-hosting the conference with Howard University. More than 1,000 public-relations students from across the United States are expected to attend.

Both Braude and Ovsiew are senior public-relations students. Braude, a 2004 grad of South Brunswick High School, is co-conference coordinator. Ovsiew, a 2004 graduate of Piscataway High School, is co-communications director of the conference.

Both students are in honor societies, hold jobs on campus and are members of Rowan's PRSSA Chapter (Braude is president).

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Date Published: Thursday, September 27, 2007 - 06:00