Literacy club at Rowan aids families

Literacy club at Rowan aids families


GLASSBORO - Few childhood memories are more dear to Rowan University senior Erin White than those of crowding into the Millville Public Library to hear volunteers read aloud from Dr. Seuss books and other favorites.

Now White carries on the tradition in Glassboro, reading to students at the local branch of the Gloucester County Library.

The aspiring high school teacher is president of Rowan's Students for Literacy Club, a group of 35 students, most of them education majors, who work to promote literacy in the community.

The students drew packed houses to the Glassboro library for book readings - in costume - before Halloween and Thanksgiving. And on Thursday, between readings of John Speirs' The Best Christmas Hunt Ever at Rowan's day-care center, they led the toddlers in holiday-themed crafts.

"It just brings back so many good memories for me," White said. "And if the children enjoy it as much as I know I did when I was a kid, we're doing a really good thing."

Students for Literacy also hosts Family Reads, a support group for 25 parents of 3- to 5-year-olds who are uneasy about teaching their children to read. Rowan faculty give a guest lecture about phonics or how to select books for preschoolers at the program's monthly gatherings, while club members baby-sit and teach the children the very activity the professors are discussing.

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Date Published: Sunday, December 16, 2001 (All day)
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