Housing incentive 'modest' success

Housing incentive 'modest' success


GLASSBORO - Rowan University officials are calling a seven-month-old program to lure faculty to live in the borough as a "modest success."

In February, Rowan President Donald Farish announced that university staff who moved to Glassboro would receive an extra $1,500 a year for 10 years - all to create more of a college-town atmosphere.

So far, three professors and nine staff members have taken him up on his offer.

And that's just the beginning, promised Edward Streb, president of the faculty senate.

"I think we'll see the real effect will be long-term, but I'd say it's a modest success right now," Streb said. "This is a nice incentive, but it's not going to make a settled professor relocate. This is directed at incoming faculty."

Faculty ranks could swell by as much as 100 in the next five years, Streb said, as the university tries to reduce its reliance on adjunct faculty and decrease professors' course loads.

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Date Published: Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 18:33
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