High demand packs Rowan's dorms

High demand packs Rowan's dorms


GLASSBORO - Dave Seal, 18, looked at his first dorm room in dismay. The three beds, two of them stacked, managed to fit in the small space, but the three computers and bookcases and the two refrigerators and microwaves waiting in the hall were another matter.

"This may get ugly," said his father, Bob Seal of Blairstown, Warren County, as the new roommates and their parents began to debate last week which of the three computers would get hooked up to the room's two Internet portals.

Dave Seal and 504 other Rowan University students, largely freshmen, received a letter from the school two weeks ago explaining that they would be tripled up in dorm rooms designed for two.

Rowan has had an unprecedented demand for campus housing this fall, prompting the makeshift solution of triples, said Drew Calandrella, vice president for student affairs. He said that he expected to be able to reduce the overcrowding by the spring semester, and that students affected by the housing crunch would receive a discount.

But aside from the temporary chaos, university officials are delighted that Rowan is becoming less of a commuter school and more of a residential campus, Calandrella said.

"This is really a good problem to have. We're a victim of our own success," he said. "We want students to be able to take advantage of everything we have for them on campus, and you can't do that when you commute.

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Date Published: Monday, September 3, 2001 - 01:00
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