Greer joins Rowan faculty

Greer joins Rowan faculty

Barbara Green - Gloucester County Times Staff

GLASSBORO -- Dr. Darryl Greer, executive director of the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities (ASCU), will join Rowan University's faculty in January as a visiting scholar in the educational leadership department.

During his two-year appointment, which is partially funded by a state grant, Greer will serve as acting director of the newly-created Center for the Study of Educational Leadership, and will teach graduate-level courses in higher education policy and governance.

He will be paid $117,000 a year, and work on a full 12-month contract.

''I am excited about joining the faculty of a first-rate public university that the region and state are proud of,'' Greer said. ''In January, I look forward to working with and learning from a terrific community of faculty and students.''

As the ASCU's executive director since 1986, Greer is credited with helping design the state's Higher Education Restructuring Act of 1994, which gave state colleges and universities autonomy.

Prior to joining ASCU, he served as director of government relations for The College Board in Washington, D.C.

Greer, a Pennington resident, is the second ''state notable'' to join Rowan's faculty this year: former state Commissioner of Education David Hespe joined the educational leadership department in April.

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Date Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 - 17:23
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