Generation X-cellent

Generation X-cellent

By Brian Salvatore (2003)

The much touted and often tarnished Generation X has been labeled as a pack of selfish, cynical slackers, but not these under-30 alums. Recommended by professors and mentors, these Rowan Xers are polished after just a few years on the job. They've built already-remarkable careers and although their fields of expertise vary, they all shine.

Featured alums are: Jason Weber (1997), David Lawyer (1996), Sarah Friedman (2000), Adam Gustavson (1996), Spike Cook (1997), Byron Bustos (1999), Dan O'Neill (2000), James Whitescarver (1998) and Pete Huzma (1999), Jennifer Locane (1999), Bob Jones (2000), Helli Lewis (1996), Alison Roberts (1997), Herb Mitschele (2000), Greg Warren (1997) and Paul Parkinson (1997).

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Date Published: Friday, March 15, 2002 (All day)
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