An eye-opening view of U.S.

An eye-opening view of U.S.

One is Australian. One is from Taiwan. And two hail from Japan.

They are just four students out of more than 70 international students studying at Rowan
University this semester, but they represent a wide range of experiences.

A future business woman, a future public relations specialist, a future journalist and a future
physical therapist, they all came to the United States to continue their education. They also
all learned about the nature of Americans.

Twenty-year-old Dashika Ranasinghe is spending the year at Rowan through an exchange
program from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She didn't have to learn a new
language when she came here in September, but said she had a hard time adjusting to
American students.

''It took a while to break into American culture,'' Ranasinghe said. ''I found them really loud
and sort of rude.''

All of the students said they found a certain amount of ethnocentrism in American students,
who sometimes care more about partying and studying than meeting people from other

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Date Published: Sunday, November 25, 2001 (All day)