Ethics courses become popular

Ethics courses become popular

A new concentration in the philosophy and religion department at Rowan University seeks to direct students to study the ethics behind many scandals that have captured recent headlines in the worlds of business, politics, religion and journalism.

"They think a lot about those issues. They could talk about them for hours," said Ellen Miller, a professor whose ethics classes at Rowan University are gaining in popularity with students. "I've found that college students are quite concerned about their society."

Miller is coordinating the 18-credit ethics concentration, which is open to all undergraduate and graduate majors.

Brian Mintey, a senior radio/television/film major from Washington Township who is also pursuing a minor in philosophy and a concentration in philosophy/religion, said the new concentration will help him as he prepares for grad school.

"I'm gearing up for graduate school for philosophy and I know the concentration will help in my studies," Mintey said. "Having the ethics concentration makes a student very attractive to graduate schools and also to employers."

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Date Published: Monday, November 27, 2006 (All day)