College Students Cram - into Tight Campus Housing

College Students Cram - into Tight Campus Housing

By Diane D'Amico
Education Writer, (609)272-7241

It's going to be a bit more crowded on campus this year.

Both Rowan University and The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey are squeezing students into dorm rooms as more freshmen are admitted and more upperclassmen want to stay on campus all four years.

"We've tripled (put three students in) every room we can," said Drew Calandrella, vice president for student affairs at Rowan. "We've got 168 triples, the most ever and twice as many as in the past. But these are students who told us if they can't get housing they can't come, so they're just happy to have a place."

At Stockton, campus officials saw the overcrowding coming and started recruiting students to share more of their space by offering rent reductions this year and guaranteed housing next year.

"We have about 60 or 70 students in that situation, out of 2,100 living on campus," said Harvey Kesselman, vice president for student and educational support services.

Another 200 or so are on the campus housing waiting list. The college sponsored a housing fair in August to assist students looking for off-campus apartments.

Both Kesselman and Calandrella said students will be given the option to move if beds open up
after the year starts. Each year, a few students don't show at the last minute and others drop out during the first semester.

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Date Published: Tuesday, October 2, 2001 - 12:35
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