Businesses seek warm relationship with Rowan

Businesses seek warm relationship with Rowan

By DENISE JEWELL, Staff Writer

GLASSBORO - For business owner Emily Hanes, approaching Rowan University to do business is a daunting task.

While she knows her auto transmission and repair shop could help service the school's vehicles, she has never known what avenues to take to peddle her services to the university.

''They (Rowan officials) have vehicles,'' Hanes said. ''Surely they must break down at some point, you know. Why haven't I been given the chance?''

Next week, Hanes will attend a seminar sponsored by Rowan and the Greater Glassboro Chamber of Commerce to learn the school's purchasing process and to network with university officials.

Chamber President Rita Towner said many Glassboro business owners haven't tapped into the university as a customer because they just didn't have the time to look into the procedures to solicit the school.

''There's a large part of this process that is just a mystery, and they're not sure how to go about it and where to go about it,'' Towner said.

There is a set procedure for doing business with the school, including filling out forms to become an approved vendor to the university and bidding for contracts to provide goods or services.

Rowan spokesman Joe Cardona said the university is trying to reach out to local businesses, who might not know how to contact the school.

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Date Published: Tuesday, January 8, 2002 - 17:06