A.C. Airport takes different view of security

A.C. Airport takes different view of security


EGG HARBOR TWP. -- The Atlantic City International Airport's new video surveillance equipment comes battle-tested.

It's a military grade vehicle inspection system that scans the bottom of passing vehicles for explosive devices. It can survive a car bomb detonating directly overhead and operates at temperatures as extreme as 30 degrees below zero or 140 degrees above.

Similar systems are used at more that 250 military checkpoints across Iraq and Afghanistan and have become standard at foreign embassies.

"If you were to drive in Iraq into the green zone, you would enter over a piece of this equipment," said Paul Feldman, president of Law Enforcement Associates, the Youngsville, North Carolina-based manufacturer of the Under Carriage Vehicle Inspection System.

On Monday morning, Atlantic City International Airport officials demonstrated the new technology, the first of its kind to be used stateside, within eyeshot of passenger jetliners taking off.

This year more than one million passengers have taken to the skies from the Atlantic City International Airport. Five percent or 560,000 passengers call Gloucester County home.

"(This is) an exciting new technology that allows our airport police to inspect the under carriage of a vehicle," said Bart R. Mueller, executive director of the South Jersey Transportation Authority, which owns and operates both the airport and the Atlantic City Expressway.

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Date Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 01:00