3 Rowan profs among nation's best

3 Rowan profs among nation's best

Three Rowan University professors have been identified as teaching some of the nation's top courses in their disciplines, according to a study conducted by the Center for Educational Policy Research (CEPR).

The study named Prof. Joy Wiltenburg's "Western Civilization to 1660" course, Prof. Andrew Prieto's "Natural Resources" class, and Prof. Michael Grove's "Environmental Science" offering as "exemplary" courses being taught in universities today.

Wiltenburg, of Philadelphia, has taught history at Rowan for 15 years. Prieto, a Rowan professor for 36 years, and Grove, in his sixth year at Rowan, both live in Glassboro and teach in the biological sciences department.

During the study, the CEPR assembled panels of national experts to research nominated courses from colleges and universities across the nation. Once the top courses were chosen, commissions were designated for each discipline to conform new standards to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, including new course descriptions, AP exam details and course guidelines.

The study was conducted on behalf of the College Board, a non-profit organization committed to connecting high school students to college success.

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Date Published: Monday, October 30, 2006 - 08:47