South Jersey Tech Park

South Jersey Tech Park

Michael Schaeffer has found a project that fits him perfectly. The 21-year-old from Robbinsville is a senior computer and electrical engineering major at Rowan University in Glassboro. Schaeffer, who also minors in mathematics and is incorporating a concentration in systems engineering into his studies, is a business-minded future engineer. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue his master’s degree in mathematics and business management. If anyone fits the description of “engineering innovator,” it’s Schaeffer.  Officially, the program Schaeffer is working in is called Engineering Innovators Without Borders (EIWB), a take on the internationally known Engineers Without BordersTM. The program, which was started by Dr. Beena Sukumaran, chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering, brings together students and professors from Rowan’s College of Engineering to conceive, create and test products that may make life easier and safer in developing countries. Once finished, the EIWB team plans to give the rights to those products away so that those in developing countries – whether individuals, villages or non-governmental organizations – can build their version of the Rowan design and better gather food, work the land and/or earn an income.  

Two Washington Township residents — one a professor at Rowan University and one an inventor — are teaming to develop containment methods for subsea oil and/or gas spills.

Commonly held words of wisdom are, “Charity begins at home.” Rowan University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA (EWB) isn’t so sure. An EWB team will visit La Ceiba, El Salvador, in January 2011 to help solve the problem of contaminated water – just one of its global service projects this year.  

The Entrepreneurs Forum of Southern New Jersey (EFSNJ) is offering a series of programs aimed at updating local business people on social networking and related ways to communicate with existing customers and attract new ones.

The Rowan University College of Engineering’s Rubik’s Cube is quite a little performer.

The South Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners has named Sarah Piddington, interim director of the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University and of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as its Business Advocate of the Year.

Jenna Vastano of Lacey Township is living proof that chasing big dreams is a way to earn big rewards. The 22-year-old Rowan University senior mechanical engineering major with an ambitious goal and an impressive resume of professional engineering society involvement has won the prestigious Jerry Kilby Memorial Scholarship for 2010. 

Rowan University currently is seeking area businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations to attend its annual career fair during the Spring 2011 semester. Each year, the career fair puts business representatives in contact with well-prepared Rowan University students and alumni to discuss career opportunities, specific job openings and internships. 

Parents, cousins, grandparents and even the British Monarch have embraced the lure of Facebook.  According to, Buckingham Palace is starting a Facebook Fanpage that will feature a mixture of news, links and videos.  If you have not yet joined the 500 million people on Facebook, here are some reasons from Rowan University adjunct marketing professor Jennifer Regina on why you should consider becoming part of the growing Facebook family.

For most Americans, vacation is just a memory. The kids are back in school. The 9-5 routine is in full swing. There is less free time. And for many, that equals more stress.